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Unless our Client Specifically has 

Additional Requests -- 

Here is What We Offer...

All Kitchen Surfaces, Wipe Refrigerator, Stove Top, Counters, Clean Appliances, Pickup Trash and Wash/Vacuum Floors. We do not clean ovens.

Dust all Surfaces throughout the House (which include all  Furniture, Nick'Nacs, Baseboards, Cobwebs. We Dust Blinds and Plastic/Silk Plants but do not Wash them. We Pickup Everything when we Dust and put back in same place. Help with Organizing if Requested.


Cleaning of Bathrooms in its Entirety. Leaving them Clean and Smelling Wonderful...

Do not Climb Ladders or Wash Windows,

We Vacuum & Wash all Floors in the House. Make Beds if Requested.

Most of all we are PET FRIENDLY but we do not cleanup after your pets. (ie: cat boxes, etc.)

We provide our own 

Equipment and Cleaning Supplies.

Detailed Cleaning
Detailed Cleaning


 * Lifting and Moving Heavy Furniture 

 * Reaching Heights Not Able To Reach with Dusters

 * Do not use Ladders to Reach Heights

 * Carpet Cleaning / Window Washing/Plant Washing

 * Cleaning Up (Blood, Mold, Animal Waste)

 *  Do not Maintain any type of Plants

 * Service Clients Who Are Disrespectful/Rude

 *  If We Miss Something PLEASE Just Bring It To Our Attention

        and We Will Take Care Of It..

 * Service Clients Who Are Unwilling to adjust their AC or Heat to             comfortable levels 

 *  If We Cannot Do Whatever Is Requested -- We Will Recommend

      someone who is able to provide the service requested

  * Do Not clean up after animals..

Are​as That We Service

 Medford, Ashland, Central Point, Eagle Point

White City, Phoenix, Talent, Jacksonville